Project's construction

The project's supervision by our office contains the below main parts:

Συντονισμός - Εμπειρία - Έλεγχος - Αποτελεσματικότητα

  • Careful study's reading

    To identify any construction difficulties and resolve them in collaboration with the team that made the studies.

  • Autopsy at the project's area

    To find any difficulties such as reaching the area, possible problems with nearby properties, crossing cables, landscape, etc.

  • We give a written offer to our client for acceptance

    A detail written presentation of the works, the costs and first approximate the timetable is given to our client.

  • Detail timetable plan

    In collaboration with our client we make the timetable, regarding the client's financial capacity, the local conditions of the project's area and the availability of the required contractors and materials.

  • Very often presence of the supervising engineer at the project

    To check the progress of the work and to instruct the contractors how to properly apply the plans, and to avoid errors or omissions.

  • Presence when any relative Authority's controller makes a control

    To offer any necessary technical elucidations the controller may need.

  • Continuously and written information is given to the client about the project's progress

    Live and written information about the progress of the works and the running and future costs is given regularly.

  • Analytical measurement out of the works

    A detailed measurement out of the works is given to the client before the payment of the relative contractor.

  • Write the agreements between the client and the contractors

    In order to secure the smooth progress of the work, agreements shall be drawn up between the client and the individual contractors. They agree among others, the works to be carried out, the manner in which they are carried out, their other obligations, and the method of payment.

  • Written and oral information on the required safety measures

    Safety measures are very important to avoid any accident or damage.

  • Documents' completion for the National Insurance (EFKA)

    Completion of the documents required to pay the client or contractor to EFKA the relative amounts.

  • Providing the required documents to connect the project to the utility networks

    Upon completion of the works in accordance with approved studies and upon total payment supervision's cost, we provide the client with the necessary supporting documents for the project's connection to the utility networks.

Coordination - Experience - Control - Effectiveness

  • My more than 30 years professional career as a freelance civil engineer, with my own office and coworkers in Athens.  
  • My more than 20 years of experience in the market of Real Estate mainly in Andros island, as an independent  Valuer engineer for Banks.
  • The excellent knowledge of Complex Urban Planning Laws, Building Regulations etc.
  • Our extensive experience in supervising a large number of projects, with different requirements in construction methods and materials

Are the best Guarantee to achieve the optimum result.

I will be glad to discuss with you any relative subject.

Dimitris Chelmis
Dipl. Civil engineer
Curriculum Vitae at link

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