I check legality - I declare arbitrariness - I secure my property

The full legality of the constructions is necessary according to law for Electronic Building’s Identity for all buildings and constructions.

The fines for arbitrary constructions or arbitrary uses which were settled before 28/07/2011, will be increased after 31/06/2020.
The first year by 20% and for the next years by 5%  per year. 
So it is necessary the legalization of all arbitrary construction or arbitrary use, also because as soon as better.

My more than 30 years of successful work as a freelance engineer and my excellent knowledge of urban planning, give me the possibility to suggest the most appropriate way to legalize the arbitrary construction on your property, with the least possible expense.

I will be glad to discuss with you any related issue.

Dimitris Chelmis
Dipl. Civil engineer
Curriculum Vitae at link

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