Expert appraisement

The expert appraisement indicatively may include:

  • Measurements of technical works

    We carry out measurements, followed with the necessary metrics and plans.

  • Determination of project's progress level and cost

    We determine and certify the level of project's progress and the cost of the works that have been done.

  • Botchery's definition

    We define the botchery and we estimate the cost for the needed repair and restoration.

  • Documentation and explanation of technical problems

    We check, document and explain technical phenomena, such as cracks, humidity, and we determine the causes for those problems.

  • Checking the legal drafting of technical studies

    We check the technical studies for their completeness, compliance in reference to relative laws and specifications.

  • Checking the implementation of tecnical studies and specifications

    We check the proper implementation of the technical study and it's specifications, according to relative technical laws.

  • Checking the noise level or pollution, from plant operation

    We check the noise level and the pollution from a plant's operation.

  • Support in litigation

    We offer professional support about technical issues in litigation

  • My more than 30 years professional career as a freelance civil engineer, with my own office and coworkers in Athens.  
  • My more than 20 years experience in the market of Real Estate mainly in Andros island, as an independent  Valuer engineer for Banks.
  • The excellent knowledge of Complex Urban Planning Laws, Building Regulations etc.
  • My extensive experience of being an effective Technical Consultant in very difficult litigations,

Are the best Guarantee to achieve the optimum result.

I will be glad to discuss with you any related subject.

Dimitris Chelmis
Dipl. Civil engineer
Curriculum Vitae at link

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